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What Does Tamisium Mean Anyway?

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Butane Oil Extraction Videos

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The number one question asked is, "if you can extract this or extract that" or "can you extract oils from anything"?  YES YOU CAN! ABSOLUTELY!

The Tamisium Extractor WILL meet your unique and specific oil extraction needs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or
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It is the FIRST commercially produced low temperature, low pressure extractor designed to use a liquid hydrocarbon (n-Butane) as the primary extraction solvent and RECOVER IT for reuse safely, easily and economically.  This means the plant materials are clean with no butane in just one extraction.  Tamisium essential oil extraction systems recover and clean n-Butane for reuse lowering production costs, producing up to 98% yields in one extraction and raising your HPLC spikes.  Experience high safety, efficiency and maintain optimal quality for butane essential oil results as well as enjoy top performance, reliability and productivity with an easy-to-use Tamisium Butane Oil Extractor. read more or watch the video here...

"How To" Tamisium Extractor Video Series
(Watch Videos 1 2 3)

Video 1
Filling With Butane

Video 2
Extracting Plant Oils

Video 3
Recovering Butane For Reuse

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We use the enthalpy of Butane or the thermodynamic properties of butane to power the extraction and recovery process. In other words we put in one energy such as heat and get out another such as cold. We benefit from this in a very ergonomic way. The video explains how the Tamisium utilizes pressure differentials to manipulate the solvent from one tank to another and to recover the solvent for reuse. When extracting out volatile oils and chemicals, any rapid evaporating processes should be avoided. Excessive wattage for heating and cooling is required for this process and you run the risk of evaporating out components that have low boiling points. In this tested and proven process we have optimized the recovery speed in our base design to facilitate the highest yield possible when extracting out volatile oil/chemical components with low boiling points. Consider the fact that all Tamisium Extractors are by design a Volatile Oil Extraction Apparatus. It can do both components with high and low boiling points however it really shines when extracting oils, aromas, fragrances and flavors. Delicate or Aggressive in one system!


When ordering through our shopping cart always use Code KP25.
This will insure prompt order filling with your payment.  Thank You.

What can this extractor do for your business?

  • All test have shown results to be superior to any other oil extraction process.
  • Cost to operate is a fraction compared to high temp and high pressure systems.
  • Safety is paramount and is the reason behind the conception of the original system. Safety Redundancy in place.
  • Bio Fuel and some Medicine production that was cost prohibitive can now be cost effective.
  • Extracts Slow, Fast, Hot, Sub Freezing, With multiple polarity solvents so you can target one specific component in a plant in a zero pressure or higher system for the first time ever with Zero Negative Reaction.
  • Consumes the lowest wattage of any extractor or solvent recovery system ever created. Now a cost effective bio fuel extractor is a reality. Can create fuel with a negative loss for the first time. Better than cost effective. It is now profitable.
  • Extracts and recovers the solvent in one cycle. No need to set to extract and then again to recover the solvent. Set it up, Leave it overnight and come back to a finished product.
  • No compressors or pumps or any of the problems associated with their use are necessary anymore. When extracting chemicals with high boiling points you can accomplish even faster recovery times than with commercial recovery machines, hassle and worry free, with our proven system of recovery. With volatile oils with lower boiling points requiring slower solvent recovery you still have that option. The best of both worlds.

Although more costly initially you will not be bothered with replacing, repairing and buying unsafe leaking redundant pump systems to keep your business operating at a level that a pump could never achieve. As a matter of fact you could buy 2 of our more costly systems and the cost would amortize out faster because the cost of those pumps would never go away and neither would the risk of fire and contamination.  When we used pumps prior to 2005 we never had this control and could only produce a minimal variety of extracts usually only one variety. Utilizing pumps gave us inconsistent completion times due to being in gas and liquid phase part of the time and had to be constantly monitored due to the failure potential of any mechanical reciprocating engine.

Most do not understand hydraulic fluids and how this effects the efficiency of a solvent to dissolve compounds of like or similar polarity.

The rule is this: liquids cannot compress but gases can. For a molecule of solvent to bond with a like polarity molecule in the plant and be carried out that molecule has to be present. If you extract with a liquid you will have the maximum amount of molecules present in a Cubic Centimeter of space. With a gas like CO2 or any liquid solvent under a vacuum which can convert it into a gas, such as when a pump is used, you will have fewer molecules present in a cc of space. When in liquid phase you cannot compress even 1 more molecule into that space. It is maxed out. If you filled your tank all the way with a liquid and tried to cram another cc in that tank it would stretch it out or rupture it. If any heat hits that tank when full it will expand and do the same thing but that is another story. This lack of molecules in a cc of space with gases is why you need more volumes of gas solvent to extract with when using CO2 or a pump system. They trick you with the pump systems and tell you that you are using less solvent. But the truth is that this smaller amount of solvent is being recovered and recirculate over and over again a unknown amount of times through the plant because they don't know if it is in liquid or gas phase because they are vacuuming it out and pumping it in at the same time to keep the process going. They actually have to view it when it comes out to see if it is done or needs to keep going. The pumps are ok with CO2 and that does not present much of a problem. But when using a flammable solvent pumps are not an option and do not bring anything beneficial to the table except a little speed which can be had by spending a little more money on the initial design by building faster tanks which would eliminate all future pump expenses.  These problems coupled with the risk and contamination forced us to come up with this current solution.

***Don't make the mistake of buying into the nonsense of purchasing a HVAC Air Conditioner pump to make your food and medicine. Although I may add that if you want to compare recovery and extraction speeds between a Tamisium and a failed copy of a Tamisium, you can be sure that a faster tank system will win every time if an equal pump was hooked up to both systems recovering equal types and volumes of solvent but I would not recommend it for daily use indoors to produce consumable products.

One more thing...
Remember that the HVAC industry regulates the manufacture of their equipment for AC systems. They would require different manufacturing if they ever thought those pumps would be used to produce consumables versus just pumping refrigerants in and out of your AC system setting OUTSIDE on the side of your home. Accepting a Safety Mark from the HVAC industry to be used in the Food and Drug industry is criminal and misleading. Let's read that one more time...
Accepting a Safety Mark from the HVAC industry to be used in the Food and Drug industry is criminal and misleading.

Safety Marks do not cross over into different industries. If they did your chef would be allowed to start cooking your eggs on car tires because car tires are rated safe for cars on roads. You may ask how any of these systems have ever been approved or certified. When I asked one Engineering firm responsible for peer reviewing systems in CO about this, his response was that they are fully aware that the RRMs are unsafe when used as they are but those RRMs are not part of the peer review process and not their responsibility. He added that he knows my system is the safest process out there and would like to pursue reviewing my products.

We are currently producing ASME coded Tanks that use Industry Rated and Approved components for the pressures, temps and solvents used. This allows them to be certified without the need to have a peer review performed in most states and counties specifically WA and most if not all of CO. You must check with your laws and regulations before purchasing to ensure this is the case where you will be using the system.

Extracting is not magic.  It is molecular science of the highest order.  It is specifically dissolving chemicals of various polarities over different times frames and using temperature to melt and make soluble or solidify wanted and unwanted compounds of a plant.  The ability to control these adjustments from zero to maximum allows you to get everything out or to restrict the process in multiple ways.  This is what makes a Tamisium more or less valuable.  The ability of the extractor to be constrictive in one or all of these adjustments is what separates a Tamisium Extractor from all other extractors. 

Some extractors will always require pressure or heat for example.  To be able to extract with the least impact on the final extract or product is golden.  In other words, to be able to take out what is in the plant without changing it is the goal.  Heat and pressure are violent forces and are a catalyst for molecular reaction, especially when combined with reactive compounds and solvents.  Butane is non reactive and a Tamisium does not use enough heat and pressure to cause these reactions anyway.  It is a dream come true apparatus for those that know!

There are many nonpolar oils that are extracted from a plant when using the non polar solvent n-Butane.  Some oils are thin and some are thick to solid.  Temperature and time controls how much and what you get out.  If you extract them all out you get a concrete.  To get a solid from a mixture of these you would have to evaporate the thinner oils along with filtering and aeration, OR simply avoid this during the extraction process with various  Tamisium techniques by using the ability to control time, temperature, pressure and solvent polarity.  To target a limited number of oils you would have an absolute.  To target one or two you would get an essential oil or more pure oil. 

The use of solvent combination, time, temperature, pressure, quality, and density or any combination of these 6 parameters of a packed Tamisium column will allow you to have it all and KNOW exactly what affects the outcome!  This extractor excels with these 6 QDTPTP controls: Q-uality, D-ensity, T-ime, P-ressure, T-emperature, and P-olarity.  By manipulating these repeatable adjustments you will be able to duplicate ANY extraction process and repeat it to produce the same consistent product every time.  This also allows for 999,000 possible combinations and unique products.

The industry standard is to prepare an extract after it has been extracted.  Refining it to look like what you want or isolating the compounds after you get it out is the norm. 

But with a Tamisium anything can be gotten out of the plant selected and in most cases you can control WHAT you get out!  It is remarkable to be able to do this during the extraction process.  WHY?  Because it is easier to restrict the 6 parameters with this system.

If you are a professional laboratory conducting research, or an established business looking to improve your products, lower your operating costs and maximize profits or an individual starting to explore extraction of essential plant oils, these videos will show you how to use a Tamisium Extractor.  They come with a lifetime warranty and lifetime support.  Every extractor comes with a Fully Illustrated Operational Manual.