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CouponCode HI25
$25OFF ANY TE175

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Using A Tamisium Oil Extractor

Find the information and answers you need for your perfumes, aromatics, essential oils and botanicals extraction methods using a Tamisium Extractor.  Answers include info about how to use scales, types of products, tinctures, infusions, absolutes, concretes, fragrances, aromatics, perfumes and much more.

#1 Most Asked Question: Can I extract oils from anything?  I had better be able to for the price... How did you come up with the price?

ANSWER> Yes you can.  When you deal with quality equipment do not cut corners to save on manufacturing cost when lab/food grade quality is your goal.  When customers receive these extractors, it is common for them to notify us they are underpriced.  We suggest you talk to someone who has one (TESTIMONIALS).  Ask to pick it up and inspect it.  "This is HIGH QUALITY" is what you will say.  The prices are never going to be this low again.  There is a lot more than meets the eye.  We have been told the greatest value in this system is what we pass on to YOU in the Fully Illustrated Operational Manual and our lifetime customer service direct from us, and not some paid answering service.

It is the FIRST commercially produced low temperature, low pressure extractor designed to use a liquid hydrocarbon (n-Butane) as the primary extraction solvent and RECOVER IT for reuse safely, easily and economically.  This means the plant materials are clean with no butane in just one extraction.  Tamisium essential oil extraction systems recover and clean n-Butane for reuse lowering production costs, producing up to to 98% yields in one extraction and raising your HPLC spikes.


"How It Works" Tamisium Extractor Video Series
(Watch Videos 1 2 3)

Video 1
Filling With Butane

Video 2
Extracting Plant Oils

Video 3
Recovering Butane For Reuse


Video 4
How It Works

Video 5
Custom Computerized
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